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Company new

Our company was rated as the model of Qingdao special equipment enterprises.

Recently, Qingdao has carried out standardization management of special equipment inspection,Qingdao City Quality Supervision Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau and Pingdu municipal leaders to inspect and appraisal of the park and other chemical enterprises.Leading by the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of leadership to our company, in the inspection, the leadership of the council all give praise to our company,Our company and Shuangtao company was rated as the model of Qingdao special equipment enterprises.

The following is the photo of city bureau leadership to my company inspection.


Contact: Ms. sun, Mr. Gong

Tel: 0536-8250397

Phone: 18561579000 18560676000

Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Add: No.1,Taishui West Road,Pingdu Xinhe Ecological Chemical Technology Industry Base,Qingdao City,Shandong P.R.China

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