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Our company was rated as Qingdao fire management bench-marking enterprises.

In 2015, in the work of Qingdao fire safety standardization , the city fire brigade, Qingdao City Administration Bureau, Pingdu Council leadership and zoneleadership has carried on the on-the-spot investigation and appraisal of the park and other chemical companies, our company was rated as Qingdao fire management bench-marking enterprises.On September 1, 2015, led by the city fire brigade and zoneleadership , more than 50 enterprises and units, about more than 120 managers,came to our factory to visit and study.

The following picture is the study and the visit to the activities.


Contact: Ms. sun, Mr. Gong

Tel: 0536-8250397

Phone: 18561579000 18560676000

Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Add: No.1,Taishui West Road,Pingdu Xinhe Ecological Chemical Technology Industry Base,Qingdao City,Shandong P.R.China

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